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Categories: News, UpdatesPublished On: February 26, 2021

The past three years have been testing, to say the least – A broken back in 2018, a fire at Central Garage in 2019, and now the dreaded COVID situation in 2020, which is testing the most resilient of us! As a business in groundcare perhaps we are lucky in one way as the grass does not stop growing and the time timing was right in some ways, people went home and the sun shone and everyone lucky enough to have a garden embraced it and lived in it for a month. Initially, everyone wanted everything and stocked up on fuel/oils and consumables as well as toilet rolls!!

As time went on, like everyone else we had decisions to make. Safety of course was paramount but we also need a business to return to so we gradually resumed in the workshop and tried to help as many people as we could, then finally the shop reopened on 15th June 2020. We have had to make changes, as have all of us. Risk Assessments, Cleaning Stations, Screens the list goes on… all costs we don’t need but essential to be doing the right thing to protect both our staff and our customers.

I would like to thank our customers for their patience in these strange times, there has been unprecedented delays with parts and wholegoods due to COVID issues and this has not been helped with massive grass growth due to the very warm and sometimes wet weather. We are all in this together though so we can only do our best.

The caravan parks re-open very soon which again is good news for them and us as they are an important part of our business too, we wish them good luck in the coming months as it is a testing time for all of us and we can only hope that as a result of people stopping in the country we can a least try and get some business back and they all do well in the back end of the year.

Our shop is fully open now with plenty of stock, our workshops are you trying to catch up and keep up with demand and we are trying our best to get back to some sort of normality, the future seems to be lithium-ion and robotic mowers, /stihl’s range is exciting and growing as always. We have in stock to demonstrate the all-new RMA765V PRO Batterymower which is the best mower I have ever used!! We also have some new products, Westermann Sweepers, Petrol POST Knockers, New STIGA, and MOUNTFIELD models.

I thank you all again both for business old and new, stay safe and behave, respect everyone’s opinion, we are all allowed one. Be patient, be polite, be kind, we are all in this together, it is only grass at the end of the day and ring us if you need us!!

Thank you from All at DB Groundcare

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