Customer Announcement 2021

Categories: News, UpdatesPublished On: January 22, 2021

Here at Central Garage we pride ourselves with our sales and service – we don’t always get it right, but we do try …. All our customers are very important to us and in this world of modern technology and more recently the awful pandemic we are all having to endure – it is more important than ever that we get organized and plan ahead. We are experiencing many delays with both machinery and parts deliveries and being honest I don’t see this getting much better throughout the forthcoming season, COVID is one factor, BREXIT issues another, these are NOT EXCUSES !! …. They are simply a part of everyday working life.

Our primary goal is to keep EVERYONE SAFE and WELL, secondary is keep our valued staff in employment as we all have bills to pay hence we all need jobs and a business to come back to after all this madness ……… but for sure none of the above will stop the grass growing (I don’t think it has since last year!) and the seasons will keep changing, so hopefully our valued customers will indeed still need us ?!

With all this in mind ………….we would strongly advise our customers to plan ahead with servicing and the purchase of new machinery, we do not want to let anyone down – but we can only do our best, PLEASE get in touch with us sooner rather than later.


DB Groundcare Ltd.

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