Late again ! However improving I hope ! Where does the time go …….. we are now mid July,today is supposedly the hottest day on record since 1976 …..this could be it– our Summer, please do not blink or you might miss it !

The weather has been wacky the last month, one min it is sunny and warm, the next flash flooding, I drove to Askham to do a demonstration with a grass cutter last week and I drove through all four seasons within the hour I am sure !!

That said……… all this keeps us very busy, the warm and wet scenario although a nightmare for the masses is actually good for our business as the grass grows like there is no tomorrow so the work keeps coming in, if we as a business get a long hot summer the grass burns and slows up the growing process hence the grass gets cut less frequently and as a result we are not as busy with repairs, so the bottom line is our work load is‘rainfall dependent which I never realised in the first few years of doing this job !?

June was a stressed month for us as in among being very busy as always we got BURGLED ?Our intruders came in through the showroom windows adjacent to the A6 –unbelievable, and stole approx 20 or so STIHL chainsaws ………… I will apologize now to all of our customers who witnessed our normally pristine showroom in a mess for a few weeks whilst we battled to get back to some sort of normality after this …….. I just hope someone gets nailed for all the upset and inconvenience that this causes – everything from the cost implications to delayed repairs for our customers due to the wasted time ……it makes my blood boil, why do they never seem to get caught either ???????

Enough ranting ! ……get out in the garden and enjoy all the hard work you have put in – there will be weeds galore springing up with the weather as it is … don’t tell me there is nothing to do !! -STIHL have this year launched a range of weed spraying equipment that we have in stock that is high quality and priced right if you need help !, get those hedges trimmed while you feel in the mood and the flower beds tidied up whilst you don’t mind being down on your knees !

Call us if you need any help or advice – we are here to help !!

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