We would like to thank all our valued customers for their patience after the disastrous fire we have encountered here in our workshop at Central Garage BLS on 26/3/19 0400 hrs.

Although inconclusive it is likely the cause is from an electrical fault on a machine that had been brought in for service – we truly have had the week from hell with everything to deal with from the fire service and fire investigation to insurers, loss adjusters, HSE, forensics and to put the icing on the cake visitors through the evening of Mon 1st April thieving items out of the scrap skip !

There is never a good time for these events – but this is the worst for us, the hour has changed and the grass is growing – it is our busiest month in the normal year and now we have this to contend with …. The damage is colossal, some 42 plus walk behind mowers, 18 ride on mowers and an estimated 40-50 plus smaller items plus workshop items tools and consumables and of course building and ancillary’s damage – all has suffered either fire/heat/smoke damage or indeed water damage from the extinction process.

Amazingly our showroom remains in tacked thanks to a good fire door and toughened glass windows, so although it had taken the power out, with help from some good local contractors we had temporary supplies put in and had the showroom up and running within 24 hrs – we would like to personally thank  all the tradesmen  who assisted in this process and indeed the decent people who rang and messaged offering assistance – it was  greatly appreciated – you know who your friends are in times of need !!?? Also a big thanks must go to our staff who have risen and pulled together in the crisis, you need a team of dedicated employees to deal with this sort of incident and I am fortunate to have this – thank you all !

The current situation one week on is we are still in the process of clearing out and listing the damaged machinery – it is a sole destroying scenario to deal with and it  has been held up for various reasons – safety, insurance and HSE being the top ones so the process has been longer than we would have liked, that said a few of us have put in many hrs in the last week as we are adamant that we will get this sorted ASAP and come back stronger – our business and customers are important to us and we want to sort each and everyone out as soon as we can.

We have set up a temporary workshop in a remote location so we are in a position to carry on with service and repair work …. amongst all the carnage! Please call 01524 823156 and ask for Tom, he is taking bookings and will get the job sorted, once again your patience is appreciated.

The insurance issues are on going and equipment will of course be paid out for on an indemnity basis i.e valued at the age and condition it came in – not new for old as some think (I wish!!) but please let me assure all of you who have equipment in here I want you to be treat as I would want to be treated myself, you want the same or better equipment back and my mission over the next few weeks is to ensure all my customers are happy – that said please bear in mind there are in excess of 100 -120 of these so your patience and understanding of this accidental situation would be greatly appreciated ! – please do not hassle my staff – it is nobody’s fault ……..

In the meantime, if you need to mow your grass please give us a call and we will do our best to loan you a mower to do so, please either email me on [email protected] or call our depot on 01524 823156 and speak to me – I don’t have 120 demo units but I am sure we can sort something out whilst we await further insurance instruction.

Thank you all once again for your understanding in these matters …….. your business is important to us and we will as always do our very best.

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