Kubota RTV500 Utility Vehicle

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Engine 2 Cylinder, Petrol, OHC, Water Cooled, EFI, 15.8hp
Transmission Variable Hydro Transmission
Max Speed 40km/h
Drive System 4WD w/ 2WD Selection

On steep slopes and over rough surfaces, the Kubota RTV500 Utility Vehicles offer 4-wheel drive that adapts to all situations.

Thanks to their compact chassis, their ease of handling obstacles, these utility vehicles can operate directly on all types of sites. Highly appreciated for their robust construction and comfort, they are perfectly suited to both professional and amateur use.

On the highway or over the roughest terrain, the Kubota RTV500 provides maximum comfort thanks to its innovative design and comfortable bench seat. The responsive hydrostatic steering and dynamic transmission braking give you the control you need to handle any terrain; while the independent suspension and high ground clearance literally soaks up all obstacles.

This quiet, compact RTV features Kubota’s durable liquid cooled EFI petrol engine and Kubota’s innovative variable hydrostatic transmission to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. The Kubota RTV500 is powerful and rugged enough to handle any terrain with outstanding traction and power with a comfortable operator area for a full day’s operation.

The Kubota RTV500’s smooth 15.8-horsepower, 2-cylinder Kubota petrol engine is liquid-cooled to ensure reliability and minimize noise and vibration, reducing operator fatigue and increasing efficiency. The engine features an Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system that provides on-demand power,
optimizes acceleration and enhances quiet operability. Plus, the EFI eliminates the need to adjust the carburetor—enabling better engine start-up in cold weather or after long-term storage, and improving engine serviceability.

Kubota’s exclusive and innovative hydrostatic transmission provides the Kubota RTV500 with an exceptional level of performance, handling, and reliability under tough conditions. Approach long downhill grades with confidence utilizing the VHT Plus’ smooth, engine assisted deceleration. In addition, the VHT offers outstanding traction and impressive power, providing the muscle to take you almost anywhere.

Get in and get going. The Kubota RTV500 features ergonomic, well-placed controls for easy operation, and a comfortable contoured bench seat, so both the driver and passenger can enjoy a full day of work or play. The low operator platform offers ample and obstacle-free leg room, so it’s simple to step on or off.

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