Similar temperatures to last year but a little less rainfall than the 2015 back end…thank goodness …. brings us once again to the fast-approaching new grass cutting season.

The weather trend once again has left us able to count the frosty days almost on one hand and mild temperatures through December January and February have left the grass looking untidy and ready to mow however the ground remains very soft thus fighting back the temptation !

Our work in the back end at Central Garage has been a steady flow, again not as manic as last year however we have tried once again to get on top of the winter service work and start hammering through it in a bid to keep our customers happy in Spring – once again I urge you please do not leave that service call too late and give us a chance to get you mower serviced and ready for action in good time.

For me, I have just returned from a week’s skiing in France to celebrate the big 50 !Quite a milestone when you reflect, I have worked for Dennis Barnfield Ltd since I was 13 so I have 37 years in this year !!, 17 of those have been down here at Central Garage – where does time go?

I have decided to throw the towel in on my Fire Service career, having turned 50 and just entering my 25 year of service I think enough is enough of doing the two jobs, we seem to get busier every year here so I am looking forward to only having to concentrate on the one job and hopefully having a bit more time to get the depot ship shape and running sweetly.

New products are due for the 2017 season, battery products remain the industry game changer– less weight, a much nicer working experience with less noise and pollution,battery technology moves on year upon year and run times and charge times are always improved ……… I always said I would never buy cordless garden equipment………. But not anymore ! I wouldn’t use anything else, and my wife certainly wouldn’t !!

STIHL have brought out their new DOMESTIC CORDLESS range aimed at the small garden with product down to an mere £99 inc vat …………. We have stock, come in and have a look and a chat about them with our experts ?

IMOW -the robotic mower is gathering interest and pace – I would not sell this to anyone but for the busy person with little spare time to spend in the garden and an understanding of the product this is an ideal solution ?

Mountfield continue along the same route with hand tools and mowers using lithium ion technology, along with many Honda engine quality products at affordable prices.

Our shelves are full ………..Call in and have a look round ……….get organised for that first cut and let us know if you need any help or advice.

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