Central Garage Fire Update 24/4/19

Once again I thank you ALL for your patience – and my staff for sticking with us in these very difficult and stressful times.

We are indeed making progress and I believe there is light at the end of this seeming very dark tunnel however I would like to just make customers aware that:

I apologize if we have not been in touch and you have got equipment here that has indeed been involved in the fire, rightly or wrongly we have had to prioritise, we are getting there and we WILL be in touch soon if we have not spoken already – again please may I ask if you have concern or complaint even please direct this to me on [email protected] via email and please do not take it out on my staff !

Being honest, we have struggled to deal with the volume of calls, and on top of this we recently switched to an internet phone system which is proving to be a questionable decision also and does not help along with very poor mobile coverage in the area too !!

The list of damage is extensive to say the least, we have renovation work, cleaning, re-roofing and re-wiring all going on whilst we are trying our best to keep the shop open and still help our customers – and as said before if needs be we will try and loan you a unit as a last resort – our temporary workshop is doing Ok however the logistics of it being 3 miles away does cause issues – please bear with us !

I assure you that each and every customer who has equipment involved will be sorted out in due course – please may I ask once again for your patience and understanding.

Please be aware the roofing materials have been delivered today hence the car park is extremely tight and will probably remain this way until the back end of next week when the re-roofing  is hopefully complete.

Once again, DB Ltd apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause – all I can say at this time is myself and my staff will do our best to help anyone out and we ourselves  hope normal activities will resume sooner than later ……………………. more than anyone else does !!!!

Thank you once again. RL.

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