FURTHER UPDATE 17/4/19 ……………… CENTRAL GARAGE FIRE ……………………….


We are now 3 weeks in …………. If anyone fancies a job swap for the next 3 weeks I am sure Both myself and my valued staff would be more than up for it!

Joking apart it has been horrendous, I was in the fire service myself for over 24 yrs and have been involved in many large fires but fortunately until now never been part of the aftermath and it certainly makes you think, domestic or commercial it leaves devastation, many questions and what ifs ? some that remain unanswered – it is not for the faint hearted, fortunately for me I have a good team around me so we stick together and fight through it, you can only learn from these events and hopefully come out stronger as a result ……….so check your smoke alarms and your insurance policies and hope it never happens to you ?!!

Building wise the structure has survived, we now have industrial cleaners in, we have had to rebuild welfare facilities for our staff, we are safe and secure again but have a long way to go to get back to where we were, this process will take months not weeks.

Our temporary workshop is up and running and although not ideal due to communication and distance issues it is functioning so please still call Tom Bingley on 01524 823156 to book any jobs in and the drop off point will still be central garage unless told otherwise by Tom.

The shop is fully open and functional, we have new 2019 stock from all our major brands KUBOTA, STIHL, STIGA, MOUNTFIELD, HUSQVARNA, HONDA and KARCHER and the showroom is as exciting as ever with new innovative products so please come in and have a look.

With reference to CUSTOMER units involved in the fire, we now have a comprehensive list of what was indeed involved although some of this has been difficult to identify due to the records being destroyed by the fire also – so again I apologize if you have something in here but have not heard from us yet – but we may not know who’s the item is ?!

We are constantly working alongside our insurance company on all aspects of the incident from the safe rebuild of the workshop and facilities to the valuations of everything involved both customer units and our own stock items – this is no small task – although seeing the Notre Dame fire yesterday – things could be worse!

We have tried to prioritise sorting out the larger items first and more so the mowing machinery due to time of year – that said if a particular customer comes to us who is stuck we will of course do our best whatever the item …. Please may I ask though you ask for me or even better email me on [email protected] rather than ringing 4/5 times and getting frustrated with my staff !! ….. it is not their fault – or mine, and we are here to help and we are trying and indeed will get everyone sorted out – but  at the end of the day no one was hurt so a few days or a week or two without a machine will not change much – I do thank most of you for your patience and understanding, please believe me when I say this has been the worst few weeks of my working life, it is very stressful as we find it difficult to finish one job without another one coming in and the phone is ringing continuously !

All this said, the point is we are getting there and I assure you all our customers will get sorted out, we do have a pool of loan equipment now set up so please do not be stuck, I do appreciate it is inconvenient but we can only do our best ……. Enjoy Easter …..we certainly need the break ! – Thank you once again.

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