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Honda Advising


Honda Advising As of 31/12/20 Dennis Barnfield Groundcare will no longer be involved directly with Honda UK as a Lawn and Garden Machinery dealer. Some of you may have received correspondence directly from Honda advising you of this but also suggesting you may want to seek an alternative dealer? Regarding the correspondence from Honda, personally, I think this is out of order and could possibly be taken out of context, it was indeed our decision to terminate our agreement -ironically due to various issues from Honda that we felt were dictational to OUR business, we feel disappointed after [...]

Honda Advising2021-02-01T10:06:26+00:00

Customer Announcement


Customer Announcement 2021 - Sales and Service Here at Central Garage we pride ourselves with our sales and service – we don’t always get it right, but we do try .... All our customers are very important to us and in this world of modern technology and more recently the awful pandemic we are all having to endure – it is more important than ever that we get organized and plan ahead. We are experiencing many delays with both machinery and parts deliveries and being honest  I don’t see this getting much better throughout the forthcoming season, COVID [...]

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What is going on??


What is going on?? The past three years have been testing, to say the least - A broken back in 2018, a fire at Central Garage in 2019, and now the dreaded COVID situation in 2020, which is testing the most resilient of us! As a business in groundcare perhaps we are lucky in one way as the grass does not stop growing and the time timing was right in some ways, people went home and the sun shone and everyone lucky enough to have a garden embraced it and lived in it for a month. Initially, everyone [...]

What is going on??2020-07-07T10:33:29+01:00

Central Garage Fire Update 24/4/19


Central Garage Fire Update 24/4/19 Once again I thank you ALL for your patience – and my staff for sticking with us in these very difficult and stressful times. We are indeed making progress and I believe there is light at the end of this seeming very dark tunnel however I would like to just make customers aware that: I apologize if we have not been in touch and you have got equipment here that has indeed been involved in the fire, rightly or wrongly we have had to prioritise, we are getting there and we WILL be [...]

Central Garage Fire Update 24/4/192019-04-25T12:41:14+01:00



CENTRAL GARAGE FIRE - FURTHER UPDATE 17/4/19 FURTHER UPDATE 17/4/19 ……………… CENTRAL GARAGE FIRE ……………………….   We are now 3 weeks in …………. If anyone fancies a job swap for the next 3 weeks I am sure Both myself and my valued staff would be more than up for it! Joking apart it has been horrendous, I was in the fire service myself for over 24 yrs and have been involved in many large fires but fortunately until now never been part of the aftermath and it certainly makes you think, domestic or commercial it leaves devastation, many [...]

CENTRAL GARAGE FIRE – FURTHER UPDATE 17/4/192019-04-17T11:28:54+01:00



STATEMENT UPDATE – CENTRAL GARAGE FIRE……… We would like to thank all our valued customers for their patience after the disastrous fire we have encountered here in our workshop at Central Garage BLS on 26/3/19 0400 hrs. Although inconclusive it is likely the cause is from an electrical fault on a machine that had been brought in for service – we truly have had the week from hell with everything to deal with from the fire service and fire investigation to insurers, loss adjusters, HSE, forensics and to put the icing on the cake visitors through the evening [...]

STATEMENT UPDATE – CENTRAL GARAGE FIRE………2019-04-17T11:29:54+01:00

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