IT'S SHOWTIME I like August, for me and historically for our business, July and August being typical British holiday season months bring a little bit of calm and normality (usually!) The grass slows a little with the heat hence the workshop catches up a little, sales dwindle slightly and in turn my staff hopefully get a life back and the stress levels drop – I hate to say this because the last thing I want to do is stress any member of staff out however the highs and lows of any modern day business juggling with keeping staff [...]

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SUMMER FOR A DAY Late again ! However improving I hope ! Where does the time go ........ we are now mid July,today is supposedly the hottest day on record since 1976 .....this could be it– our Summer, please do not blink or you might miss it ! The weather has been wacky the last month, one min it is sunny and warm, the next flash flooding, I drove to Askham to do a demonstration with a grass cutter last week and I drove through all four seasons within the hour I am sure !! That said......... all this keeps us very [...]

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